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Have you ever thought to yourself, "I miss the old school days where kids would get outside, play games until sun down and have some fun off the computer screen?"  Have you ever watched your own kid playing and thought, "kids don't know how to play anymore..they just give up so easy or get so angry when the activity doesn't go their way?" Well, we are so ready to bring FUN, FITNESS, GAMES and MINDSET WORK to Mercer County Park this Fall!! Run Club is a great option for kids of all abilities to learn basic fitness concepts, make friends, ENJOY movement and acquire mindset strategies to help them on this wild ride called life!  Sessions consist of a kid-fit warmup, popular movement games like tag and capture that flag and a group walk/run.  Each session ends with a team talk about one of our many empowerment principles including positive self-talk, building resilience, setting aggressive goals and being positive contributors in their communities.  During each season, runners will have the opportunity to participate in local fun runs with their coaches to test their skills and bond as a club. We believe that all children deserve a safe, positive environment to improve their health and fitness at their own pace and learn to thrive in all areas of wellness.  Registration is currently up for our Friday Night Fun Run and Games program with Coach Christie and Coach Jackie.  Coaches will meet the runners every Friday night, 5:30-6:30 at the Lakeside Village Playground (Mercer County Park) starting September 9th.  The two fun runs that we will be encouraging families to participate in will be the Fit Kidz Fun Run at Mercer County Park on September 17th, 2022 and Homefront Halloween 1 Mile/5K on October 30, 2022.  Registration for these runs is optional and is not included in the price of the seasonal program.  We welcome our runners from all Mercer County towns to register and Text "info" to 609-532-0021 and one of our amazing coaches will be in touch!  
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