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What To Expect


Class Structure

Each class is divided into four main areas:

1. Warm-up and Empowerment Principle 2. Running technique and practice 

3. Super Fun Game

4. Closing Discussion. 


We want children to leave practice sweaty, smiling and empowered!


Titan Run Day

We do not believe in the participation trophy culture. As part of our team, children receive a t-shirt for participating, but they must EARN their end of season medal at our End of Season Race. Each child will set their run goal with their coach.  It will be challenging.  They may need more than one chance to reach their goal, and that is okay!  When they finally do earn that medal, it will be worth more than gold! 


Titan For Life

Once a child completes their first season with the Titans, there will be other seasons that follow.  We invite all of our Titans to continue with their training.  With each new season comes the opportunity to set new goals, reach new heights,  and earn new medals!

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